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Public Joint Stock Company of Power Industry and Electrification of Kuban.
Three substations in the east of Kuban upgraded with the use of digitalization techniques

Power engineers from Armavir electric networks, branch of Rosseti Kuban (Kubanenergo PJSC) have started power upgrade project on three substations in the east of Kuban; the project implies the use of digital technologies. The company plans to invest 1.8 million rubles in replacement of equipment.

Our specialists will install modern microprocessor-based units instead of outdated mechanical relay protection boards at 110kV substation “KPTF”, 35kV substations “Biofabrika” and “Zavodskaya” in Novokubansk and Gulkevichi districts. These new microprocessor-based boards provide data on operating conditions of subsations, process emergencies and events; it will also increase observability and controllability of operating processes and reduce time for analysis of emergencies.

Andrey Babtsov, Chief Engineer of Armavir electric networks, said: “The new devices are multifunctional and more compact, they have self-diagnostic function to analyse and prevent emergencies in case of faults on power lines.”.

At 35kV “Biofabrika” substation power engineers will installs12 new reliable vacuum switches instead of old oil circuit breakers. The new equipment is ecofriendly, safe and resilient in operation.

Application of new technoliogies will dramatically increase reliability of substations that keep lights on for customers in Kavkazsky, Novokubansk and Gulkevichi districts of Kuban (more than 20 thousand people), among which social institutions, critical infrastructure and production facilities, as well as Armavir Biomanufacturing Plant.

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