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Public Joint Stock Company of Power Industry and Electrification of Kuban.
Procurement activities management

The Central Tender Committee


Ocheredko  O.V.

Deputy Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs, Kubanenergo PJSC, chairperson of the Committee


Ryazancev D.Yu.

Deputy General Director, Kubanenergo PJSС, deputy chairperson of the Committee


Statuyev V.A.

Deputy Director General in charge of Security, Kubanenergo PJSC, deputy chairperson of the Committee


Golov  A.V.

Deputy General Director in charge of Investment Activity, Kubanenergo PJSC, member of the Committee


Ivanova I.V.

Deputy Director General in charge of  Corporate Governance, Kubanenergo PJSC, member of the Committee


Grebenyuk V.I.

Leading Expert of the Department of Planning, Control and Procurement Methodology at Directorate of Consolidated Planning, Regulation and Organization of Procurement at Procurement Department, Rosseti PJSC, member of the Committee


Chasov A.A.

Head of Tendering Procedure Sector, Kubanenergo PJSC, executive secretary of the Committee, (non-voting member)

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