Power upgrade in five districts of Kuban

South-Western branch of Kubanenergo PJSC (Rosseti Group) have upgraded distribution network in Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Abinsk, and Krymsk districts. Our power engineers replaced over 22km of old wire with the new insulated one and replaced 140 service drop wires at households.

Through many years of experience, we made sure that self-supporting insulated wire greatly increases reliability of power supply.  The new wire is more resistant to external effects, less prone to ice accretion in the winter, and therefore the maintenance costs of such power lines are lower. In addition, the self-supporting wire is of no value to nonferrous metal hunters.

Dmitry Golovakha, Director of the South-Western branch, said: “This wire will not be stolen as there is no sense to steal it. The traditional way to clean the insulation with fire will turn this wire into a piece of shapeless mixture of metal and plastic that will not be accepted by any scrap-yard. Moreover, it is impossible to secretly connect to the wire, which provides maximum protection against unauthorized connections to the power networks.”

The cost of work on modernization of the distribution network in the south-western district exceeded 38 million rubles.

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