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Public Joint Stock Company of Power Industry and Electrification of Kuban.
130 km of power lines inspected in Adygea

To ensure stable work of the power grid complex, power engineers of the Adyghe branch of Kubanenergo (part of the Rosseti Group) since the beginning of the year have conducted a thermal imaging inspections of 14 high-voltage substations and five overhead transmission lines of a total length of 131 km.

A thermal imager used by power engineers is an infrared camera that is able to detect thermal radiation from equipment at a certain distance and detect hot spots that cannot be determined by visual inspection.

Thermal imaging diagnostics of power facilities make it possible to prevent the failure of electrical equipment, effectively monitor its condition without disconnecting the customers. Defects found during diagnostics are eliminated at an early stage, which significantly reduces the likelihood of malfunctions in the operation of equipment, and improves the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.

Yury Khomichenko, Director of the Adyghea Power Networks, said: “The specialists of the branch use the obtained data when drawing up a repair and maintenance plan. This allows to reduce the amount, time and cost of repairs, as well as increase the service life of the equipment. And in case of detection of an emergency defect, urgent repairs are performed."

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