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Public Joint Stock Company of Power Industry and Electrification of Kuban.
Kubanenergo will invest 22 million rubles to repair large substations in the north of Kuban

Leningradskiy branch of Kubanenergo PJSC (Rosseti group) has scheduled minor and major repairs of various equipment at forty six substations of 35-110kV as part of implementation of the Annual Repair Programme 2018. Kubanenergo will spend more than 22 million rubles on this project.

In order to ensure reliable power supply, power engineers repaired and checked transformers and distribution equipment at the most important 110 kV substations “Shkurinskaya”, “Leningradskaya”, “Chervonnaya”, “Staroscherbinovskaya” in Kuschevskiy, Leningradskiy and Scherbinovskiy districts.

Specialists have finished repair of power equipment at 110kV substations “Yeysk 1” and “Yeysk 2” in Yeysk.

In May-June the specilaists will repair equipment at 35kV substations “Slyusarevskaya”, “Elevator” and “Bolshoe Lopatino” in Kuschevskiy district. These substations provide electric energy for more than 40 thousand customers and 8 community facilities of the region.

‘The Repair Programme is implemented at fast pace,’ said Roman Sheblakov, director of Leningradskiy branch, ‘The summer is coming and our task is to prepare substation equipment to uninterrupted work in the period of peak demand. We are directing all our efforts and resources towards successful completion of this project.’

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