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Public Joint Stock Company of Power Industry and Electrification of Kuban.
30 million rubles project to upgrade high-voltage transmission lines in Southwestern district

Southwestern electric networks, branch of Kubanenergo PJSC  (Rosseti Group), have commenced modernization of three 110kV transmission lines “Nikitinskaya – Varenikovskaya”, “ Varenikovskaya – Dzhiginskaya” and “Varenikovskaya – Gostagaevskaya”.

These power lines deliver electricity to 42 thousand customers, 52 public amenities and several farms in Krymskiy and Anapskiy districts.

Dmitriy Golovakha, head of Southwestern electric networks, said: “Our engineers are installing ice accretion control units and replacing coupling capacitors. It is also planned to install high-frequency chokes and disconnectors.”

The project is carried out in accordance with the Investment Programme of Kubanenergo for 2017. The total cost of the project will exceed 30 million rubles.


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